NASDU Certified Dog Handler

Elevating Security with UK Guards

In the realm of security solutions, the inclusion of highly skilled dog handlers holds immense value. UK Guards proudly presents its team of NASDU certified dog handlers who bring an exceptional level of expertise, professionalism, and effectiveness to the field of security. With a focus on quality training, ethical practices, and unwavering dedication, our NASDU certified dog handlers redefine security standards and ensure a safe environment for businesses and individuals.

The Role of Our NASDU Certified Dog Handlers

UK Guards’ NASDU certified dog handlers bring a unique blend of skills, experience, and specialized training to security operations.
His presence of a skilled security dog handler and their canine companion acts as a powerful deterrent against potential threats. Criminals are less likely to challenge premises guarded by these vigilant and agile teams.
Our NASDU certified dog handlers are adept at utilizing their dogs’ exceptional senses to detect hidden contraband, explosives, and even individuals. This remarkable detection ability enhances overall security measures.

Expertise and Skill

NASDU certification is a testament to the expertise and skill of our dog handlers. They undergo comprehensive training in obedience, handling techniques, search and detection, and controlled apprehension, ensuring they are prepared for diverse security scenarios.

Ethical Handling

NASDU certification emphasizes ethical practices in dog handling. Our handlers prioritize the well-being of the dogs and ensure that their training methods align with the highest standards of animal welfare.


NASDU certified dog handlers uphold a high level of professionalism and adhere to industry best practices. Their conduct reflects dedication, discipline, and a commitment to providing top-tier security services.

Effectively Manage Crowds

The close bond between NASDU certified handlers and their dogs enable rapid and precise responses to commands. This agility is crucial in apprehending suspects or preventing security breaches. In crowded events or public spaces, NASDU certified dog handlers effectively manage crowds while ensuring a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Security Partner and Experience

NASDU certified dog handlers from UK Guards represent the pinnacle of security expertise and professionalism. With their unique set of skills, specialized training, and dedication to ethical practices, they contribute to a higher level of security, deterrence, and safety for your premises and events. Choose UK Guards as your security partner and experience the unmatched assurance that comes with NASDU certified dog handlers guarding your assets.

Training and Evaluation

NASDU, the National Association of Security Dog Users, is a recognized authority that sets the benchmark for professionalism and competence in the field of security dog handling. Achieving NASDU certification involves rigorous training and evaluation, ensuring that handlers are equipped with the necessary skills to effectively handle security dogs in various situations.

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